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Fire Drill to ensure safety in production
Fire Drill to ensure safety in production
Classification:company news DATA: 2020-11-19 17:27
【Summary】Recently, the hangzhou steam turbine Wan Dong company "11.9" fire day activities in the country as an opportunity to comprehensively promote the company fire safety management

Fire Drill to ensure safety in production


-- Ji Hang Wan Company to carry out all-staff fire drill activities


Recently, the hangzhou steam turbine Wan Dong company "11.9" fire day activities in the country as an opportunity to comprehensively promote the company fire safety management, fire safety consciousness, to strengthen worker skills and the ability to escape, overhauling fire hazard, ensure company production safety accident, under the leadership of carefully arranged in the company, has launched a series of fire control safety knowledge, evacuation escape, fire and fire fighting skills training.More than 100 people, including all employees of the company and Yuanzhi Company, participated in the event.

At 14:00 in the afternoon, the company began to conduct fire safety training for voluntary firefighters.Combined with the actual situation of the unit, comprehensively and systematically explain the basic knowledge of fire safety, such as daily fire safety inspection work, evacuation escape route, fire fighting principle, fire fighting equipment use, etc., and further enhance the safety awareness, quick rescue ability and emergency response ability of voluntary firefighters through theoretical learning and questionnaire assessment.


Then, all staff to carry out emergency evacuation drill.Is at work when the fire alarm bell rings, the worker put down his work quickly, according to the requirements of the practice activity, each department leadership immediately organize workers in an orderly way, security, quickly leave work, hand over your mouth and nose, squat body along the fire stairs down, according to the designated evacuation routes, calm and orderly for emergency evacuation.Volunteer firefighters maintain the safety of workers along the way, and after arriving at the safe assembly area, they immediately count the number of people to ensure that all the workers are present. Thus, a simple escape drill is concluded.


After the escape drill, in order to let the staff have a deeper understanding of safety, a unique fire safety knowledge to answer the question, everyone enthusiastically, the scene atmosphere was extremely warm.Then the safety officer explained to the staff how to check, maintain and use the attention of the fire extinguisher, is the beginning of the fire drill.Under the leadership of the party branch secretary and general manager Tian Feng of Wandong Company, everyone went forward bravely and rushed to the fire site. Under the guidance of the obligated firefighters, they pulled out, held, pressed and sprout three times. The action was simple and neat, and the flame died instantly.In addition to the fire drill at the same time, the volunteer firefighters also led everyone to throw water with the training of water pipe.


During the whole fire drill, all the staff cooperated tacitly, and the evacuation process was orderly.Knowledge to answer links actively participate in high accuracy;The fire-fighting drill was carried out quickly and methodically.


In the future, Hangwan Company will further strengthen the publicity work of safety knowledge, improve the awareness of fire safety, do a solid job of daily fire inspection, maintain fire access and equipment facilities, strengthen the safety management of electric vehicle charging, and so on. In order to ensure the company's safety production and nip in the wind.




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November 19, 2020



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