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January 28, 2020

In order to combat the epidemic, hard start of production was implemented without the conditions.We worked overtime to deliver hundreds of balls and tubes in the same month and sent them to the front line.

At the end of 2019

The factory was relocated from Xiacheng district to Qiantang New District


Xiasha glass workshop was withdrawn, marking the official start of relocation work.


The company "tooling innovation studio" established the company and 12 institute jointly undertook the first National X-ray tube Academic Conference.

In September 2010

Xiasha glass workshop demolition and reconstruction project ignition successfully put into production.

In July 2008

The whole relocation and resumption of production from 167 North Huancheng Road to 10 Shixiang Road

In July 2005

The proportion of shares of the company is adjusted as: Hangzhou Steam Turbine Power Group Co., Ltd. accounts for 70% of the shares, and Beijing Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. accounts for 30%.

In September 2003

Join Hangzhou Turbo Power Group Co. LTD

In November 2001

The company has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification

In September 1998

The company was identified as a high-tech enterprise by the provincial science and technology Commission

January 18, 1998

Hangzhou Wandong Electronics Co., LTD. Was established



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