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  • Products ID: X762
  • Tube Type: X762
  • Application: It is designed for main applications used in x-ray equipment for medical diagnosis.


Max Operating Voltage(kV) 160
Max Operating Courrent(mA) 2
Filament Characteristics(V) Ifmax=4.5A,Ufmax=5.5V
Target Material W
Target Angle 32°
Inherent Filtration(mmAl) 0.8~1.2
Weight(≤kg) 2.0
Nominal Focal Spot Value 0.8
Max Continuous Power(W) 320
Remark 1:The Frequency Of Filament Heating Power Supply: 0~25kHz
Remark 2:The Filament Should Be Found In Normal Operation Within The Warranty Assurance Of The Tube

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