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It is mainly used for safety inspection X-ray machine
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Maximum operating tube voltage(kV) 160
Maximum working tube current(mA) 2
Filament characteristic(V) Ifmax=4.5A,Ufmax=5.5V
Target materials W
Target Angle 32°
The inherent filtration(mmAl) 0.8~1.2
Weight(≤kg) 2.0
Focal nominal value 0.8
Maximum power(W) 320
Note1:The frequency of filament heating power supply is 0~25kHz
Note2:The filament should work normally during the warranty period of the pipe


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X762A Shape diagram as shown in figure




1、 The installation or operation of the pipe must be carried out by professionals, and care must be taken during transportation and installation to avoid damaging the pipe.
2、 The compressive strength of oil shall be not less than 35kV/2.5mm as insulation and cooling medium.
3、 The pipe shell shall be cleaned and dried before installation.
4、 After the first use or disuse for more than four weeks, the pipes should be trained as follows before being put into use.From half of the maximum working tube voltage, keep the tube current value under perspective, and rise to the maximum working tube voltage at a speed no more than 5kV/min, stable for 3min.If the tube current is unstable or discharge occurs, the tube voltage should be lowered, and the tube voltage should be increased after stabilization.
5、 Before shutdown, should reduce the tube voltage, then shutdown.


Under the condition that the packaged X-ray tubes comply with the storage, transportation and use rules, our company will replace the products for customers free of charge within 12 months from the date of delivery due to manufacturing quality problems.



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