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Hangwan Company holds a board meeting for six sessions
Hangwan Company holds a board meeting for six sessions
Classification:company news DATA: 2020-05-26 17:18
【Summary】On May 21, 2020, the sixth board meeting of Hangzhou Wandong Electronics Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled by way of on-site and communication meeting voting.



On May 21, 2020, the sixth board meeting of Hangzhou Wandong Electronics Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled by way of on-site and communication meeting voting.The meeting was chaired by Chang Qian, chairman of the company. Yang Yongming, member of the party committee and vice general manager of the group company, Li Guiwen, the last chairman of Hangwan company, members of the company's board of supervisors and senior management personnel attended the meeting.


The meeting deliberated and approved the work report titled "Work with one mind and forge ahead, and strive to create a new journey for Hangwan Company -- 2019 Work Summary and 2020 Work Idea of Hangwan Company" made by Tian Feng, general manager of the company.The meeting listened to the 2019 annual financial situation analysis report, deliberated and approved the 2019 annual financial final accounts report, profit distribution plan, the company's 2020 annual financial budget report and 2020 new product development investment report.Defining the company's business policy and economic assessment index in 2020.


The meeting held that Hangwan Company has won the battle of "No.1 Project" relocation while completing the production and operation tasks in 2019, shortened the delivery time of the factory site, turned "impossible" into "possible", and achieved fruitful results.Chang Qian, the new chairman of the board, made a statement, standing at the turning point of enterprise relocation and development, and will try his best to create a better future with Hangwan.Li Guiwen, who just handed over the baton to the chairman, said that in 2019, the company's management team led all the cadres and employees to bear the pressure of relocation. They worked overtime at full capacity to fight for orders and meet the inventory production, and achieved remarkable results. It was really not easy.Hangwan company all cadres and staff give up small home, for everyone's spirit is moving, at the same time to the group company party committee and the functional departments of the strong support expressed heartfelt thanks.Li Dong on the future of the company put forward expectations: first, to improve the management level, enhance the ability of corporate governance.Second, to optimize the product structure, to the high-end product serialization development, so as to improve the gross profit margin of the product, improve efficiency.Third, we should broaden the financing channels of enterprises and promote the reform of enterprise system with the help of capital market.


Group company party committee member, deputy general manager Yang Yongming made an important speech, Yang stressed: 2019 is an extremely difficult year for Hangwan company, the management team has the right ideas, won the relocation battle, the company has been developing in a good direction by reducing personnel and increasing efficiency, but it is not strong enough.Yang put forward the requirements for the follow-up development of the company: one is to find the accurate positioning, clear direction, to do a good job in the "fourteen five" planning, to seize the relocation opportunity, find a good article, cloth good bureau;Second, the internal division of labor and cooperation, through the improvement of management benefits;Thirdly, it is necessary to rationally allocate human resources after relocation from the perspective of development, optimize personnel allocation, lean and efficient operation;Four is to take this opportunity to carry out technological innovation, improve the level of automation and manufacturing capacity of equipment, so that enterprises to better, better, stronger direction of development.Fifth, we must firmly establish the red line awareness, alarm bells ringing.Always put safety in production in the first place.




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May 26, 2020


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