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Hangzhou Wandong Electron Co., Ltd(before called Hangzhou Wandong Electronic Co., Ltd) is located at Hangzhou, beautiful lakefront of West Lake of Hangzhou, Hangzhou once was applauded as"quite splendid and luxurious city in the world" by Marco Polo, the Italian traveler in the 13th century. Hangzhou Wandong Electron Co., Ltd specially manufacture X-ray tubes, is jointly invested by Beijing Wandong Medical Sufficiently utilized fund, technology and market of both two partners. At present, it is the largest X-ray tube manufacturer in China with its scale, productivity and product variety. More than 40 years in making X-ray tubes since Hangzhou Electron Tube Factory, former of Hangzhou Wandong Electron Co., Ltd. Our extensive technologies in this field, efficient product design and development, experienced engineers and modern test facilities to a highly refined line of products that consistently deliver high quality performance and long tube life. “WANRAY” brand X-ray tubes have enjoyed very high reputation and predominating market shares in China. We have acquired quality system certificates ISO9001 and ISO13485:2003.
Our medical diagnostic rotating anode X-ray tubes and stationary anode X-ray tubes with Max. operating voltage up to 150kV, focal spot less than 0.1. We are also making 250kV X-ray tubes for deep therapy X-ray units, up to 300KV NDT tubes, diffraction tubes, fluorescence analysis tubes, All products well sold in Southeast Asia, America and Europe.
The company as always will implement the quality first, the credit first, the customer first principle, so as to satisfy our domestic and foreign customers.

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